During a kiddush farbrengen one shabbos at Chabad of Hunterdon County (NJ), after I just returned from an arduous trip abroad, a congregant mentioned that he would love to accompany me on my next “mission.” I was not sure whether he was serious or joking. You see, my trips take me to places of Jewish interest that are, well, off the beaten path, often to inaccessible, inhospitable locales that most Jewish travelers do not, would not, or could not visit. Sadly, I had to decline the congregant’s request. Nonetheless, I longed to find a way to bring him, and others like him, along with me but without having to leave the comforts of home. Thus, this blog was born. I look forward to sharing my experiences of future trips with you, including posts about the planning stages, real-time travel updates, interviews with the locals, photos of key sites, and more. Please check back often and leave a comment!

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